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- 1st Page ranking for your keyword search term 
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R2 000 per year (only pay for 10 months!)
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More information:

We all know more than 95% of people (prospective customers) doing a search online are using a Search Engine such as Google, Yahoo or Bing.  They do not go directly to an online business directory.  The business directory listings are optimized so that the search engines list them for specific keywords as searched.  You need to put yourself in the shoes of your customer searching for your goods or service.  They would usually search for a specific type of service provider or supplier in a specific area.  

Let's say the prospective client is looking to finance his/her vehicle as an example.  A very specific search for a specific service in a specific area by a person that wants the product and/or service (a definite customer).  The prospective customer will most likely search for "vehicle finance in Roodepoort", but may also search for "car finance in Roodepoort", "auto loans in Roodepoort" or for "vehicle loans in Roodepoort".   Now imagine your business being the first organically ranked for each of these keyword terms searched! Do you agree that you will get massive online exposure?  You can chose an option according to your budget and expected exposure. 

Number 1 Google Organic Ranking: For example taking the above customer's most likely Google search of: "vehicle finance in Roodepoort"  - the customer would see the following:

Vehicle Finance Organic Ranking

Some examples of what we mean - yes, a Number 1 organic ranking on Google:     

Search "antique dealers in Roodepoort
Search "b
ail applications in Roodepoort
Search "c
omputer sales and repairs in Roodepoort
Search "c
opier sales and repairs in Roodepoort
Search "DJ services in Roodepoort
Search "financial advice in Roodepoort
Search "flooring contractors in Roodepoort
Search "gutter contractors in Roodepoort
Search "home loans in Roodepoort
Search "insolvency attorney in Roodepoort
Search "landscapers in Roodepoort
Search "ozone products in Roodepoort
Search "roofing contractors in Roodepoort
Search "tree removal in Roodepoort
Search "tyre fitment centre in Roodepoort
Search "vehicle finance in Roodepoort
Search "walling contractors in Roodepoort
Search "water purification in Roodepoort

See our Keyword Ranking Analysis for other keyword search terms already raking on Page 1 of a Google search!

Prime Web Space offers ONLY ONE targeted web space on month to month lease (yes, no long term contracts) for a specific keyword search term at only R200 (on a debit order through StratCol Ltd via Bankserv on a 30 day notice period) or on an annual basis (renewable 1 month prior to expiry) for R2 000 (only pay for 10 months).    

Included in your lease of your Prime Web Space, you get the following:

How to get your Prime Web Space now:

See that the Prime Web Space you want is available - not Bold and Large in the Category Listing Main Page. Download and complete the Application Form - choose the month-to-month debit order or annual pay for 10 months by EFT option.  If paying by EFT, then you may do the payment and put your Prime Web Space as the reference e.g. "".  Scan your Application Form (and confirmation of EFT payment where applicable) and email to or fax to 0865 124 621 - contact Bruce on 082 446 9216 to confirm your order.  Send us your logo, company information and details of your offer / services, 728 x 90 banner (we can also help with the design) and we will set it up for you.   

We have set up and others as example sites to sell these specific Prime Web Space first and will even create Prime Web Space for other services or categories.  We will create the Prime Web Space sites for other areas as and when sold.




Areas Currently Available: Click HERE to see available areas and keyword search terms

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