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Business Opportunity:

We have an excellent and very exciting business opportunity:

Become a Prime Web Space Sales Representative in your area and build a passive residual income of R12 000 in 3 months that you can easily increase by identifying additional categories or advertising spaces and you will also have the opportunity of marketing WebContact Business Directory listings. Your passive income is therefore extensive and truly unlimited and you are selling a product of great value, that is exclusive and in high demand. 

You get paid monthly if you client paid monthly and annually if they pay annually and within 5 working days from when we receive payment. You will receive full training and assistance to ensure your success, so you have nothing to lose and so much to gain. 

See for more on the advertising product you will be selling and for examples of the categories or advertising spaces.

You get paid R200 per month per advertising space you sell for as long as the client pays as well as R100 per month for each additional area and/or additional keyword term you may sell to the same client. Your initial contract will be for a 3 month probation period with a monthly target of 20 new paying clients, therefore only 1 per work day. 

This will earn you R4 000 end of month 1, R8 000 end of month 2 and then R12 000 end of month 3 onward, that you must just maintain. There are a further 70 categories that will be added for each area and you can identify new advertising spaces to increase your passive residual income and we will train you further to sell the WebContact Business Directory listings in your area.  The sky is the limit! 

Call Bruce on: 082 446 9216 or email me at for more information. Skype: about-u  

Investment Opportunity: Prime WebContact (Pty)Ltd

We have an excellent and very exciting investment opportunity:

Prime Web Space and our sister company, WebContact Business Directory ( have merged and we now have the two divisions.  WebContact Business Directory has been operating for the past 6 years, whereas Prime Web Space from October 2011.  Both businesses have existing subscribers and are going business concerns.  The WebScontact Business Directory has more than 9 000 business subscribers throughout South Africa.  We are looking for up to 10 investors from R100 000 per investor to a maximum total investment required of R1 500 000 to expand and supercharge our business by appointing Sales Representatives.  

The Investment portions are allocated as follows:
Portion 1 - 3:   R100 000 each
Portion 4 - 7:   R150 000 each
Portion 8 - 10: R200 000 each
If one investor takes all 10 portions, it will be R1.2 million.

The Investors will share on a basis of 2% per portion (thus a total of 20% for all 10 portions) in the gross turnover for 5 years of Prime WebContact (Pty)Ltd, which is for both the WebContact Business Directory and Prime Web Space, for all sales and includes turnover on other income streams such as website design and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).   

We have the option after 5 years to purchase the investor out at the initial amount invested plus a 5% annual capital growth, failing which income will be dividends based on net income as declared, shared in the same proportion.  Each investor will be issued with a Certificate of Vested Interest for their portion/s in the Prime WebContact Trust, which has a 20% shareholding and is controlled by Trustees objectively and independently representing the interests of the investors.

For every investment portion we will appoint two full time Sales Representatives with a fixed basic income and a good commission bonus and we expect at least 10 sales per Sales Representative per month.   

The income is accumulative:

Let's say the investor is fast and invest R100 000 in portion 1 - 3, he/she will receive a monthly return as follows on the minimum 10 sales per Sales Representative for just 2 Sales Representatives as follows:
                         Sales         Income      Paid per portion
    1                     20            R  7 000    R140                   (say 10 Prime Web Space sales of R450 and 10 WebContact sales of R250 average)
    2                     40            R14 000    R280                   (20 for 1st month, plus only 20 new sales - still only 2 Sales Representatives)
    3                     60            R21 000    R420 
    4                     80            R28 000    R560
    5                   100            R35 000    R700    
    6                   120            R42 000    R840
    7                   160            R56 000    R1 120                (say another 2 Sales Representatives started in month 6 - so additional R7 000 sales in month 7)
    8                   200            R70 000    R1 400

The more investors, the more Sales Representatives!  What if we have 20 Sales Representatives selling 10 each per month...that is our sales will be growing by 200 new clients per month!  
                        Sales         Income      Paid per portion
       1                   200            R100 000  R1 400   (20 Sales Representatives - 10 per Division: say 100 PWS sales of R450 and 100 WebContact sales of R250 average)
    2                   400            R140 000  R2 800    
    3                   600            R210 000  R4 200
    4                   800            R280 000  R5 600 
    5                1 000            R350 000  R7 000      

It would therefore be to the advantage of each investor, if we fill out the available portions sooner.  If it is 1 investor that takes all 10 portions and we have 20 Sales Representatives, he/she would earn R70 000 per month by month 5!
We want to grow by 2 Sales Representatives per month, so it should take about 10 months to have 20 Sales Representatives if all 10 portions have been taken.  After this, we should be in a position to still grow by about 2 Sales Representatives per month and open offices in other Provinces.  Each investment portion will grow and receive the full 2% per portion on the actual full gross company sales revenue for a full 5 years.

Why would I tell a prospective investor about this awesome opportunity?

We offer you as the referrer a 15% referral fee on the actual investment amount you actively assist us in obtaining!

Call Bruce on: 082 446 9216 or email me at for more information. Skype: about-u





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